Threads of Life Ministry

urban and global 

643 Skimmer Rd

Patterson  CA  95363


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      Our Vision and Mission:  

Vision: We operate to impact lives in both local and global communities to discover their God-given identity, worth, and talents, with a message of hope and a future through Jesus Christ.


 Mission: We are teaching the "art of sewing" and handcrafted products. Because this develops confidence, women begin to dream big, instill vision, and develop purpose in their life. 

 Women have opportunity to market their products. This gives strength  to move from hopelessness and despair to confidence and a sense of value while gaining a skill to help their financial situation.


 Individual attention and encouragement is given to each woman to grow and expand out in their own imaginative designs, opening endless possibilities of marketable creativity. While it is important to us that women's practical needs be met, it is crucial that their much needed emotional and physical needs be addressed as well.

Updates on:
    Be a Volunteer!
There are so many ways to give of our time and talents.
Whether it is in local communities, on the other side of the city, the other side of our country, or another place in the world, we all have a gift to share with others, and can make a positive change in the lives of others.
If you would like more information about how to get involved or need aid in how best to express your heart in helping others, click the "Get Involved" button. Ask your questions or share what your passion is, and a staff member will get back to you asap.